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My Experience as a Hospice Volunteer

When becoming a hospice volunteer, my expectations were that I would be reading, holding hands and sitting quietly with patients.   I had no idea that I would build new friendships that would lead to events like taking patients on plane and motorcycle rides.

While talking with Mark, we had a number of similar life experiences such as: Alaska (he had lived there, I have visited), motorcycle riding, and flying.

I thought to myself, “How fun would it be for him to be able to do some of these things while there is still time?” After that, I connected with some of my friends and have been overwhelmed by their generosity and willingness to schedule these events so quickly. They have provided the red-carpet treatment in all cases.

What makes these events so fun for these additional volunteers is Mark’s grateful heart. His trademark phrase was, “I’m so happy.”

What a kind soul that I have been blessed to know.

-Doug K., Hospice of the Midwest Volunteer